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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
PC launcher will be
available from 4/16.
If you wish to play on PC before then,
please use Google Play Games or Steam.




Arena (PVP)

The Arena is where Knights of Veda can hone their skills on each other, and build a reputation for being the strongest around! In the Arena, you will engage in live action PvP against other players on your server. Each time you win, you’ll earn ranking points to progress your Crown of Victory progress. This will also give you a variety of rewards so make sure you’re ready to win!


How to Access the Arena

To access the Arena, you’ll be given a World Quest after you’ve completed Chapter 2-12 of the Story in Adventure Mode. You’ll be asked to speak to Uber Palmer in Todburg. He’s located in the Central Lobby across from Demona Fennigold. 



Showdown is a classic team deathmatch format where players descend upon the Abandoned Castle Ruins to determine who is the strongest Master of the Book. There are 3 variants of Showdown; 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.




A classic deathmatch between 2 participants. Each player will select up to 4 Knights to take into battle. A winner is determined when the opposing player is felled. 



In 2v2, each player will bring 3 Knights each to the battlefield. A winner is decided when the enemy team can field no more knights on the battlefield. 



In 3v3, each player will bring 2 Knights each. A winner is decided when all opposing players have been defeated. 



Rewards can be earned for participating in the Arena. Each time you win a match, you will earn Crowns of Victory. Crowns of Victory will unlock rewards at certain milestones. You can also earn Arena Medals which can be used to purchase items from the Arena Store. Ascension materials, Leveling materials and more can be purchased from the Arena Store.
As you battle and win in the Arena, you will also make progress on your Arena ranking. At certain milestones, you’ll earn rewards that will help you on your ascension up the leaderboards. Check back each season to make sure you get all the rewards that you can!