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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Tower of Trials


Tower of Trials

The Tower of Trials is a golden monolith that pierces the skies, and sits just off the coast of Gigantfall. Each of the massive tower’s 12 floors provides a unique challenge, and Masters of the Book must complete 3 rooms before ascending a floor of the tower. Once a room is completed, you will be able to select one of three buffs to help you continue your ascent. 


Some buffs will only apply to the next room, whereas other buffs will apply to the whole floor. You can access the Tower of Trials after it has been unlocked by going to your World Map and scrolling all the way to the right.




Tower of Trials is a seasonal PvE mode with a total of 12 floors. Each floor has up to 3 rooms.
Floors 1-8 are one-time stages. Floors 9-12 are seasonal and can be replayed from floor 9 up until the season ends.



Each floor has its own Goddess’s Arrangement, a unique modifier on the floor. For example, a Floor may start with an attribute type benefit such as Water ATK +20%. Build your team with the Goddess’s Arrangement in mind in order to maximize your combat prowess. 

You will need to clear waves of monsters in order to progress through the rooms. The final room of a floor will hold a powerful boss creature that you will need to take down in order for Veda’s Return to appear. 

After each room, you will be prompted to select a buff for the next room. Choose carefully, as selecting an ineffective buff could spell disaster for your Knights of Veda. 

Some floors of the Tower of Trials will require you to challenge the floor with 2 parties. You must arrange two teams of up to four characters. The player cannot use the same character in both teams.

Rewards & Conditions

Tower of Trials will unlock after you complete Chapter 7 of Adventure Mode. Each floor has its own unique objectives, that can be checked once you enter a floor. These objectives will allow you to obtain special rewards, including Starstones. Merely clearing a stage for the first time can reward you with enhancement items such as Gold, Relics and more. By completing all of the objectives, you can obtain a variety of items including Relic Selection Tickets, Weapon Crafting Materials and more.