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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Enchanting your Weapons and Accessories

Enchanting your weapons and accessories can give your equipment the boost they need to get you further on your adventures. They will add random substats to the equipment.



You can enhance your items with special magic abilities through Piel. As Piel is an apprentice level wizard, his skills are not perfect, but they are great to give you an edge against the forces of evil. In order to begin, you need to find Piel in Todburg, then bring him Alnus’s Enchantment Scroll. With this item, and a little bit of Gold, you’ll be able to add a new substat to your Weapons and Accessories. For Piel to perform this process for you, you must reach a certain point in the story. 


Scholar's Scroll Mage's Scroll Sage's Scroll


Weapons generally offer offensive and survival stats (such as Attribute Damage increases, HP) whereas Accessories generally offer resistances to defensive stats (such as Tenacity, Attribute Resistance etc).

The Gold consumed when enchanting increases for each subsequent enchantment on that item.