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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Veda's Nightmare


Veda's Nightmare (Nightmare Dungeons)

Within the Cloister of the Holy Grail, deep within the dreams of the Master of the Book, resides the Nightmare. Veda, recovering her strength, resides in this hellish pocket dimension, and there she faces constant danger that the Master of the Book must protect her from. 

Veda’s Nightmare is a manifestation of the horrors that the Master of the Book has faced. As you complete chapters in Adventure, you will be able to refight the final bosses within the Nightmare Dungeon. Where the Sealed Prison is a 1 on 1 battle with a powerful boss, the Nightmare Dungeon pits you against a sea of enemies before you get your chance to fight the Beast one more time. 


How to Enter

To enter Veda’s Nightmare, you must first access the Nightmare Dimension from Todburg. You can do this by either interacting with the Bed in the Master of the Book’s room, or by pressing the Nightmare icon on the Quick Menu.


Then you will be able to select the ‘Veda’s Nightmare’ menu option at the bottom of the screen. You will need to have unlocked a nightmare before you will be able to see the icon to enter. The first one will be available after you clear Chapter 1 and subsequent Nightmare Dungeon stages will be available after you finish each Chapter, but you’ll have to have cleared the previous Nightmare Stage before you can attempt to clear the next one.


Rewards & Conditions

The first clear for each stage of Veda’s Nightmare will not cost any Shoes. After that, a large number of shoes will be required to earn the rewards for clearing the stage within Veda’s Nightmare, but they more than make up for the high cost. You will be able to obtain large quantities of Gold, Enchantment Scrolls, Relics, and powerful items that will grant your characters even more power on the battlefield.