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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Movement Basics


Movement Basics


On the battlefield you will face many different enemies. Whether you’re battling through hordes of undead in Adventure, or facing other players in the Arena, the basic concepts for combat are the same. Make sure you’re prepared to face the dangers ahead with the following guide. 

Note: We will be using the Movement WASD + Attack Key control system for this guide.

To move around the screen, press [W] to move up on the screen, [S] to move down, and [A] and [D] to move left and right respectively. 

In order to dodge an incoming enemy attack, you will need to press the dodge key [Space] which will give you a moment of invulnerability as you attempt to roll through the attack. Dodging this way consumes stamina. 

If you wish to quickly move to the next enemy, hold [Space] to charge at your enemy. If you time this with a normal attack, you will perform a Dashing Strike. Sprinting consumes a character's stamina, which may impede their ability to perform certain attacks. 

Items that are dropped can be picked up by walking/running over the item during combat. Food items that heal may still need to be picked up with the [F] key.