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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Leveling up your Knights


Knight Enhancement


Leveling up your Knights requires the ‘Record’ items. These items come in 3 grades, Wanderer’s Records (green grade), Adventurer’s Records (blue grade) and Hero’s Records (purple grade). The green grade records give a small amount of EXP to your Knights when used, and the purple grade records give a large amount of EXP. 

Records can be earned through multiple activities, including the Wealth of the Holy Grail, Adventure Mode, and can also be purchased from Betty Roxy, the Sundries vendor in Todburg. 

These materials are required to level up your Knights. 



To use your Records, you will need to head to the Book menu, then select the Knight that you wish to level up. Immediately you will be presented with the Level Up options on the right hand side. If not, you can navigate back to this page by selecting the ‘Level Up’ tab. Then you should select the level up materials you wish to use. The new level of the character will be displayed at the top of the right hand page. Once you are happy with the amount of Records that you have selected, hit enhance and the Records will be consumed to level up your Knight.


If you just wish to use your current records on one character, you can select the “Batch Processing” option which will consume as many books that are needed to take your character to their current max. Level. If there are not enough to take your character to their max level, “Batch Processing” will consume all records available, and leave your characters at the highest level they can go.  


Note: You will also need to spend gold in order to level up your Knights.