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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
PC launcher will be
available from 4/16.
If you wish to play on PC before then,
please use Google Play Games or Steam.




Equipping Equipment


Your Knights can equip Weapons and Accessories in order to further enhance their combat capabilities. In order to access your equipment, you need to head to the Book menu and select the Knight that you wish to improve. You will then be able to select the Equipment Tab on the right side of the page. 



You can then select one of the three options; Weapon, Ring, or Necklace. Each of these options can be equipped and enhanced in the same way. To equip an item, click the slot that you wish to equip an item to, and then select the item from the list on the right hand page. You can also use the [Quick Equip] which will equip currently owned equipment to your character. 

Be sure to check the bonuses that are applied from a particular piece of equipment. Equipping the right weapon to the right Knight can really make a difference in their overall performance. While equipping a ring or necklace can give a Knight more stats, which can help them survive longer or deal more damage.