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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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available from 4/16.
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There are many different modes in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. This section of the guide will take a brief look at each mode, some of the mechanics they contain, and how to access them. 

We've also included some of the essential items that you'll need while on your adventures and some information about them.



Adventurer's Shoes


Adventurer’s Shoes are used when clearing specific modes in order to obtain rewards. Adventurer’s Shoes are generally not consumed when you’re clearing the content for the first time. They will become more essential when replaying stages or modes such as Nightmare Mode. 

Shoes recover over time, and the maximum amount of Shoes that can be stored is 120. You can also recharge shoes up to 8 times a day with Starstones. Each time you will get 60 Shoes, but it will cost a little bit more with each recharge. The cost of the recharge resets every day at 6 AM UTC. 



Hero's Shoes


Hero’s Shoes can be used to obtain multiple runs worth of rewards from a stage in just one run. In order to obtain Hero’s Shoes, you need to synthesize them through Himith in Todburg. They require 80 Adventurer's Shoes and a nominal amount of gold to create. 

For guaranteed rewards, these shoes will give you multiples based on the shoes consumed from a normal run (i.e 10 shoes for a normal run gives 8x rewards, 20 shoes for a normal run gives 4x rewards.) 

They will also generate other rewards that can be obtained on that stage (such as accessories) at a set chance. 
You will not be able to use Hero’s Shoes the first time you clear content.


Steps of the Journey


Steps of the Journey allow you to recharge 60 shoes in place of Starstones. To consume your Steps of the Journey, hit the plus icon next to the Adventurer’s Shoes icon in the Adventure Guide, or when you’re in the stage information page before heading into the stage.



Veda’s Return

At the end of all modes, Veda’s Return will allow you to exit a stage when you are ready to leave. This will give you time to pick up any remaining items, as well as break any more interactable objects. Pressing [F] on the Veda Statue, or clicking on it, will activate Veda’s Return, ending the stage.