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Preparing for the Master of the Book's adventure on the continent of Planis.Please wait a moment.
The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
PC launcher will be
available from 4/16.
If you wish to play on PC before then,
please use Google Play Games or Steam.


Leveling Up Skills


Skill Level Up



To level up your skills, you will need to head to your Book and select the ‘Skill’ tab on the right hand side. On this page of the Book, you will be able to see all the skills that your character has at their disposal.



You will see a small demo of the skill on the left page, with more details regarding the skill available on the right page. 


You can level up your Normal Attack, Normal skill and Signature skill. To do so, click the Skill and press the ‘Upgrade Skill’ button. 


You will then need to use items such as Nightmare Shards, Potions and Gold to perform the upgrade. While in this menu, you will see the improvement to the skill when upgrading it. 


Please note that the necessary Potions to upgrade your Skills will differ based on the Role of the Knight and level of the Skill.

Obtained by exchanging Memories of the Stars
and Sealed Prisons at Adventure Level 2 or higher.
Nightmare Shards

Obtained through Veda’s Nightmare, by fusing
lower grade Nightmare materials, or through
the Wealth of the Holy Grail. 

*Images are just an example of each of the necessary materials.


Potion Grades (Example is for a DPS Character i.e Liam)


Potion of

Potion of

Potion of


Nightmare Material Grades