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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Gem Socketing


Adding Gem Sockets to your Weapons and Accessories



It is possible to socket gems into your equipment. You must reach Chapter 4, Stage 7 in order to unlock this function. 

Once unlocked, you need to head to Vito Fontaine in Todburg who can begin crafting a gem slot. With the Preserved Small Sawtooth item, you can craft a gem socket in your Weapons, and Kelber’s Small Fang is able to craft sockets into your Accessories. The process does require a small Gold fee too. 


Preserved Small Sawtooth

Kelber’s Small Fang



There are 3 types of gem sockets that are randomly created when creating a Gem Socket. 


This square shaped socket accepts gems that apply defensive effects to your weapons and accessories. 



This circle shaped socket accepts gems that augment attribute type damage.



This pentagon shaped gem socket allows gems with offensive effects to be added to your gear. 

When creating a socket, you are guaranteed at least one gem socket, with a chance to add up to 2 on your gear.