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The ruler of Planis, “Magnus,” saved the world from the beasts and ascended to the throne. As the Heir of Blood that appeared after 100 years and as the owner of the “Book of Death,” he revived the “Kingdom of Neejeram” that had long since disappeared.
The new era’s glory and peace, however, were only fleeting. Engulfed in an unknown madness and plunging the world into darkness again, Magnus was no longer the great hero he once was.
Trees that were once sacred trees became execution grounds for tyrants, and people’s eyes showed merely despair and resignation. The Continent of Planis was forced to experience a period of unprecedented darkness due to Mad King Magnus.
Thus, Magnus’ son, the Black Prince “Edward” of Tumeln, set out to free the continent from tyranny. He was determined to save the Kingdom of Neejeram by becoming the sword himself to behead his father.
No matter how impossible it may seem, he will never give up. Along with the Attack Troops who follow him, Edward will have to break through the millenary capital. This marks the beginning of a grand destiny.