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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Todburg (All)
The headquarters of the “Knights of Boden,” one of the few safe cities on the continent of Planis. It is said to have been prepared by “Finar,” the Grandmaster of the Knights of Boden, in anticipation of an overrun by the Undead. There are still people hiding near the village, waiting to be rescued, and the Knights of Boden have sheltered the survivors here.
My Room
A haven arranged by the Knights of Boden for the Master of the Book. It's a rejuvenating place where you can rest on a bed, change your skin, or enter a nightmare to continue your endless growth.
A place to recover after a battle. Always bustling with clamorous crowds, here you can relax and socialize. You can enjoy a brief chat with “Lionel Liongray,” or cook your own meal with “Eleonora’s” help. This is the place to recover from the fatigue of the battlefield or to recharge your batteries with a delicious meal.
Central Lobby
The starting point of your adventure and the center of the Knights of Boden. You can get a map from “Demona Fennigold” or travel to the ancient battlefield, “Arena”, by talking to “Uber Palmer.” It's the perfect place to prepare for a new quest or to strategize.
This is where the Knights of Boden maintain all their equipment. “Vito Fontaine,” the socket maker, “Elita Fontaine”, the jeweler, and “Piel”, the spellbook researcher, are just a few of the many skilled craftsmen who work tirelessly in Todburg. Knights stop here to inspect their armor before facing great dangers.
Grandmaster's Room
A room where you can meet Grandmaster “Finar Johannes” in private. Finar’s wisdom has helped many in Todburg to survive the “Tree of Death.” His bodyguard, “Elossa,” is always at his side, so be careful.
The streets of Todburg, where you can find various shops. You can buy items in the shop to help you on your adventure, or pick up a Knights’ Mission from "Licorice." As you wander the streets, you may overhear rumors or meet various adventurers.
Corrupted Outskirts
It used to be a bustling and lively village, but Magnus' tyranny and ensuing uprisings forced the inhabitants to flee. The ones who stayed behind with lingering affection hoped for a miracle to save their home. But as the stench of death filled the air, the Undeads attacked the remaining inhabitants, and the glimmer of hope was quickly eclipsed by darkness. The once thriving farming community now echoes with the screams of the Undeads, hungry for the flesh and blood of the living.
Plagued Dark Forest
The Dark Forest was rich in timber and medicinal herbs. As people began to settle in the forest, the silent forest slowly came to life. However, rumors about the Maneater began to spread from nearby villages, and dead bodies with bite marks on them were found at the origin of the rumors. At first, the entire forest was gripped with anxiety… But now, people don't take those rumors seriously anymore. After all, finding torn bodies has become common in the area.
Abyssal Cavern of Cultists
The Abyssal Cavern has always been known as a place where people hide from persecution. The cavern has provided safety for those seeking protection. People accused of heresy have found refuge there, while those fleeing the kingdom's soldiers often lurk in the shadows of the cavern. But the peace did not last as an evil aura overtook them after the Day of the Tragedy. The Undeads took on a twisted manifestation of their beliefs, sacrificing the living things around them.
Lightning Valley Where Sacrifices Pass Through
The Lightning Canyon is said to be guarded by a hero who stood with Magnus. Marthel Ironside and his loyal soldiers guarded the road to Gigantfall. They endured the striking thunderbolts to keep their oaths. It has been some time since they lost their senses, leaving their longings unknown. Perhaps those who stand guard with vacant eyes carry untold stories and have a home to return to. But these spirits will never leave this place, and will forever guard the Lightning Canyon.
Cursed Holy City
Beneath the Gigantfall Castle lies an old town, with many stories from the past. Since Magnus claimed the throne, its underground dungeons have become darker and more crowded. Otherworldly creatures roam in the shadowy darkness, and the guilty cower between the bars. People living near the bottomless pit share similar lives to wrongdoers, even though they haven't sinned. Their lives have always been wretched, and now, with the Undeads roaming freely, not much has improved.
Corrupted Cathedral
Beyond the beautiful vistas of the manicured new city and the royal castle overlooking it, people often uttered fearful tales. Archbishop Heinrich preached the teachings of the Goddess in the cathedral, and the people listened with respect and fear in their eyes. But as the Day of the Tragedy passed, and the cries from the cathedral finally became unmistakable... it was no longer a temple of divine teaching.
Gigantfall, Tyrant’s Fortress
Magnus, who led the Liberation Army, was a good king of the divine Kingdom of Neejarem. But suddenly, he was transformed into a tyrant of terror, a man who spreads despair. Those who have met Magnus say that his eyes are vacant yet filled with unknown, hungry desires. The clear, luminous form of the good king disappeared into an endless darkness. Since that Day of the Tragedy, there has been no king, no servants to serve him, no knights or soldiers to defend the fortress in Gigantfall... They were no more.
The capital of a thousand years, “Gigantfall,” is said to have been the tomb of a giant. As Mad King Magnus descended into madness, ominous rumors continued to emanate from the city. A giant “Tree of Death” has sprung up, and the dead have awakened and begun to feast on the flesh of the living. The only thing left in the crumbling city of Gigantfall is despair