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Account Code

You can find and copy your account code via the in-
game account menu.


Coupon Code

Please note:

  • - Before registering a coupon, make sure to
    check the validity period, benefits, and terms of
  • - A coupon with the same code can only be used
    once per account.
  • - Coupon rewards will be sent to the in-game
    mailbox of the selected server.
  • - If you have registered the coupon correctly but
    do not see the reward in your in-game mailbox,
    please restart the game and check again.
  • - Coupon rewards cannot be transferred to
    another server, exchanged, or refunded.
  • - Coupons cannot be registered during
  • - For more details, please check the event or

How to check your account code

You can find it in the top left menu -> Settings ->
There are no characters created on
the selected server. Please enter the
coupon after creating a character.