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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Todburg News

Notification on Actions Taken Against Accounts Exploiting Guild Progress Rewards
Masters of the Book. Today's temporary maintenance has successfully resolved the guild progress reward error. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused in your use of guild content. As previously announced, in our commitment to providing a fair and healthy gaming environment, we have completed an investigation related to this issue involving game data. We have finished analyzing the game data regarding the reception of guild progress rewards to determine the extent of repeated claims by any account. The results confirm that the vast majority of you, Masters of the Book, did not exploit the bug allowing repeated reward claims and used the game as intended. - Data investigation carried out up to the temporary blockage of guild progress rewards on April 11 at 05:56 AM (PDT) / 12:56 PM (UTC). Out of 77,146 accounts that received guild progress rewards, approximately 99.9% (77,141 accounts) did not exploit the error. - The following accounts were determined to have exploited this issue, and measures have been taken according to our game operation policy. ■ Details of Repeated Receipt of Guild Progress Rewards - A total of 5 accounts found to have claimed guild progress rewards more than 5 times. - More than 100 repetitions: 3 accounts - More than 5 repetitions: 2 accounts ■ Actions Taken - 3 accounts with more than 100 repetitions: Permanent game access restriction - 2 accounts with more than 5 repetitions: 30-day game access restriction and retrieval of repeatedly acquired assets Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused during your gameplay. The development and operations team of "ASTRA: Knights of Veda" will continue to closely monitor and test future update content to prevent similar issues and strive to provide a more stable service environment and enjoyable content. We will remain proactive in addressing any actions that exploit the game system and undermine the healthy gaming environment, and which cause deprivation to other Masters of the Book. Thank you.
4/12 Temporary Maintenance Announcement (01:00 AM ~ 02:30 AM UTC)
Maintenance is now complete! We apologize for any inconvenience the maintenance has caused. Thank you for your understanding. You should now be able to access the game. Masters of the Book, We wish to inform you that there will be temporary maintenance across our game servers. This short-term maintenance is essential for implementing minor updates and ensuring ongoing stability and security for our gaming environment. ■ Maintenance Details: - Maintenance Schedule: · April 11 06:00 PM ~ 07:30 PM (PDT) · April 12 01:00 AM ~ 02:30 AM (UTC) - Servers: All Servers - Impact: · Access to the game will be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance window. · We advise finishing any critical in-game activities ahead of the maintenance start time. - Maintenance Objectives: · Fixing Arena Matchmaking Rules · Fixing guild progress reward issues ■ Maintenance Rewards - Item: 90 Starstones - Distribution Period: · April 11 After the maintenance ~ April 13 07:59 AM (PDT) · April 12 After the maintenance ~ April 13 02:59 PM (UTC) · How to get: Belle Menu → Mail → Receive Items ■ Guild Progression Compensation for Temporary Restrictions - Item: 150 Starstones - Distribution Period: · April 11 After the maintenance ~ April 18 08:00 PM (PDT) · April 12 After the maintenance ~ April 18 03:00 AM (UTC) · How to get: Belle Menu → Mail → Receive Items * The mail and items will expire within 7 days. * Make sure to log in to the game during the distribution period in order to obtain the rewards * If you cannot find the rewards in your mail, please restart the game. ■ Planned Follow-Up Measures - We are currently investigating the game data of accounts that have repeatedly received contribution rewards through guild expulsion-invitation. - Measures against accounts that have repeatedly exploited this will be announced separately in the future. ■ Notes - During the maintenance, both PC and Mobile versions will be inaccessible, and the Coupon page will also be unavailable. - To ensure that your game data remains safe, please make sure to close the game before maintenance begins. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. We recommend players to log off before the maintenance begins to avoid any potential data loss. Stay tuned to our official channels for further updates and announcements. We are committed to providing a high-quality gaming experience and thank you for your continued support. Thank you
4/11 Patch Notes (Updated: 04/11 07:20 AM PDT)
Masters of the Book, The first ASTRA: Knights of Veda patch notes. This update will focus on improving gameplay inconveniences that our Masters of the book are experiencing, before we look ahead to adding more gameplay features. Once this update is completed, we’ll be ready to unveil some of the new content that we have in store, so look forward to that! ■ Improvements - The maximum number of shoes will be increased to 160, and their recharge time will be reduced to 8 minutes, allowing for more dungeon clears and rewards. - Will add the ability to skip sections of the tutorial, so you only need to go through the sections that you feel are relevant to you. - Difficulty of the tutorial will be adjusted to make it more enjoyable. - The ★5 Knight of Veda ‘Eliyar’ will use her Signature Skill in auto-battle, a setting that was previously available for manual play. - During auto-battle, it will be modified to automatically move to the statue of Veda after the battle is over. You will be able to quickly obtain rewards after the battle ends. - The amount of Crowns of Victory earned in the arena will be adjusted, so aim for higher ranks through fierce Arena battles. · The number of Crowns obtained upon winning/losing in the arena will be doubled. · The range of ranks that provide Crowns upon defeat will be increased from Trainee Knight 3 to Knight 4. - The rule in which matchmaking was based off the Master of the Book level will be improved to match based on the level of the Knights of Veda and equipped gear. We plan to provide a more refined and intense arena experience. ■ Bug Fixes - The issue/error where Knights of Veda worked differently than intended will be fixed. 👉 More Details: · The issue where the visual effects for Marthel’s “Blessing of Lightning” did not show correctly will be fixed. · An issue where Sarka’s Signature Skills ground effect would inflict 100% interruption regardless of the target’s state will be rectified. · Orlik - The “down” effect applied to enemies hit by “Earth Smash” will be reduced from 4 seconds to 2.5 seconds. · An issue where the Knight of Veda “Ardor” had pierce on his first attack will be fixed. · The error where Knight of Veda 'Albert’s' signature skill causes 100% stagger to the target regardless of their state will be corrected. · The issue with Knight of Veda 'Albert's' signature skill, where hitting a target within the teleport range causes 100% interruption regardless of the target's state, will be corrected. · The issue will be corrected so that the buff from Knight of Veda ‘Ardor’s’ signature skill maintains its duration normally even when transformed into another Knight of Veda. · We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Knights of Veda acting irregularly, and will be sending all Masters of the Book Starstones x200 after the 4/11 maintenance. - You will be able to kick offline members from a Guild. - The issue where you could be asked to co-op in Nightmare and Sealed Dungeons, even with the “Allow Co-op Mode Invitation Search” turned to “Do not allow” will be remedied. - The issue where the remaining rubies are not automatically refreshed after recharging shoes will be fixed. - The issue where the ‘What's the mission on vibrant Tuesday?’ quest in the Reward Decree would not count will be fixed. - An issue will be fixed where the following achievements would not track progress correctly: “We’re Not Alone”, “Ride Away, Knight”, “Novice Relic Researcher”, “Ancient Relic Collector”. - The problem where the outline of a summon remains after the summon dies in Arena will be fixed. - The issue where the system language and game language are displayed differently will be fixed. - An issue will be fixed where the score in Arena would not be shown on the victory screen if the game language is set to Japanese. - The issue where the description of the number of times for the Call of the Stars bonus rewards is incorrectly displayed when the game language is set to English will be corrected. - An issue where the login authentication would be released if the login session expired will be fixed. - The issue where canceling the age verification process when purchasing items with a Japanese national account prevents the purchase will be corrected. - The issue where further enhancements do not proceed in certain situations after completing the Knight of Veda enhancement tutorial will be corrected. - An issue that prevented normal game progression after expanding the formation page during the 'Beyond the Nightmare' tutorial will be fixed. - An issue where tapping the screen on the mobile reward acquisition result screen would not skip the animation will be fixed. - An issue where selecting the 'Exit' button from the Belle menu would log the user out will be fixed. - An issue where the camera would not operate correctly if the game was forcibly closed during the playback of the 'Day of Tragedy' video will be fixed. - An adjustment will be made so that attempting to download additional files when there is no space on the device will not work. - The visibility of remaining purchase days for monthly/weekly items within the in-game store will be removed. - Andrei’s 4★ weapon, Masterpiece of the House skill effect has been fixed. (Added: 04/11 07:20 AM PDT) We appreciate the support that you have shown for ASTRA: Knights of Veda, and we hope that the warming weather helps spur you on through the lands of Planis. Thank you.