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Todburg News

[Director’s Note] Thank you for your patience while we address the issues
Hello, Masters of the Book, I am Youngmo Kim, the director of ASTRA: Knights of Veda. We apologize once again for the delay in addressing the various issues that have inconvenienced your gameplay experience since our launch. The volume of issues and the potential side effects they could cause have necessitated careful and thus time-consuming corrections. The maintenance on April 11th focused on addressing the most urgent issues and critical errors that could impact game balance, identified since our launch. Despite our previous notice, we've had to make difficult decisions regarding errors causing some Knights of Veda to operate differently from our development intentions. These changes, we know, affect the gameplay you've become accustomed to, and after much deliberation, considering the long-term service of the game, we found it necessary to proceed with these corrections. Once more, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Going forward, we are committed to resolving errors as swiftly as possible and will continue to offer satisfactory service through regular character balance patches and updates. We will announce the regular update schedule and further details shortly. We're closely examining all community feedback and game data related to character balance to align with a direction that you, our players, find reasonable. Moreover, we will intensify our internal testing to prevent balance issues caused by bugs. While we initially announced that the first regular update was scheduled for April 25th, we've opted to advance it to April 18th. Further details will be shared as soon as they're available. To express our gratitude for your patience as we work through these issues, we've arranged a small token of appreciation: - Adventurer's Shoes: 160 - Adventurer's Records: 20 - Weathered Refining Stones: 20 - Starstones: 200 * You have until Wednesday, 4/17 7:59 AM (PDT)/ 02:59 PM (UTC) to collect the rewards. We're excited to unveil new content updates and reconnect with you on April 18th. Thank you.
Developer Update Part 3
Masters of the Book, This is Flint’s development team for ASTRA: Knights of Veda. As winter fades and a new season approaches, we're thrilled to share the forthcoming launch date for "ASTRA: Knights of Veda." We sincerely appreciate the patience and excitement that all of you who are eagerly anticipating the game's release have shown. Today, we're here to update you on the final development strides, particularly regarding improvements to the economic system and rewards. Enhanced Farming Location Information In "ASTRA: Knights of Veda," materials required for improving your characters and weapons are crucial for progress. As these items are scattered across the lands of Planis, we've prioritized making this information more accessible. Through the ‘Adventure Guide’, you can now easily see drop information for all areas. Clicking on any item in the Adventure Guide will take you to the stages you can get them, streamlining your farming experience. We've also refined the routes to align with character progression, ensuring a smoother and more engaging leveling experience. Adjustments to the drop rates and quantities of key items aim to minimize grinding stress, offering multiple ways to obtain materials. This flexibility allows for a tailored farming strategy based on your character's current development stage. Material Acquisition Through Event Dungeons In addition to regular adventures, you can acquire various materials through event dungeons that occur frequently in the Adventure Zone. Gold can be acquired through the Calydon dungeon, and ores can be obtained through the mine dungeon. Make sure to check these event dungeons out, as we work on preparing even more event dungeons for you to explore in the future. Material Acquisition Through Various Missions There has been a lot of feedback that the rewards for missions are insufficient and the types of rewards are the same, making the choice meaningless. In response, we've diversified the rewards for different types of missions and increased the quantities so that players can choose missions based on the materials they need. Multiple Ways to Earn Starstones In "ASTRA: Knights of Veda," Starstones are a very important resource for acquiring characters and equipment. The feedback was that the first clear rewards for adventure dungeons were insufficient. In response, we’ve placed Starstones as rewards for clearing a stage for the first time and Starstones can also be earned by collecting trophies from adventure dungeons. You can also earn Starstones by completing a variety of achievements. Increased Drop Rate for Relics and Addition of Relic Enhancement Materials We recognized that it was difficult for players to collect and enhance relics, one of the key items in "ASTRA: Knights of Veda," due to their low drop rates. To improve this aspect of the game, we've boosted the drop rates of relics and added specialized enhancement materials, simplifying the process of setting up their relics. Additionally, we've converted essential materials from random drops to guaranteed drops, allowing players to plan their farming strategies more effectively. Implementing Auto-Play The "ASTRA: Knights of Veda" development team has made a pivotal enhancement based on comprehensive testing: the integration of auto-play. This addition aims to streamline game access and alleviate the tedium of repetitive farming, ensuring that gameplay remains engaging without compromising its depth. Auto-play manages the routine combat activities, but players will need to thoughtfully engage in character selection and timely dodging to navigate the challenges effectively. While auto-play simplifies routine battles, strategic manual control remains essential for navigating the game's more challenging content, such as Nightmare Dungeons and Sealed Prisons, ensuring that the thrill of hands-on gameplay is preserved. This feature significantly reduces grind fatigue, allowing players to enjoy the rich storyline and diverse content more comfortably. Note that the Arena, a core aspect of "ASTRA: Knights of Veda's" action-oriented gameplay, will continue to require manual control to maintain fairness and the integrity of competitive play. Since the last FGBT, we've listened to quite a bit of feedback and made improvements accordingly, and now we're just waiting for you to see it for the first time. "ASTRA: Knights of Veda" is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of "Dragon Blaze," marking it as a milestone project filled with enthusiasm and dedication from the development team. We have poured our hearts into crafting a game that lives up to your expectations and garners your continued support. We’re incredibly excited to welcome you to the lands of Planis on April 2, 2024! We hope that the game brings you as much joy as we’ve had crafting it over the years. Thank you for your continued support. Warm regards, The "ASTRA: Knights of Veda" Development Team and Kim Youngmo
Developer Update Part 2
Masters of the Book! We’re the Flint development team, and today we have another set of updates to share with you all. But before all that, we hope that you are all having a great start to the New Year! 2024 has started with a bang here in Korea, and we’ve been hard at working making sure that ASTRA: Knights of Veda lives up to the expectations that you have for it. In this Developer Update, we're excited to share with you an array of convenience features and graphical enhancements, building upon our last developer update focused on combat. While it's impossible to cover every new addition, we're spotlighting the most significant ones. We aim to provide detailed information about these key updates, ensuring you're well-informed about the latest enhancements we’re making to the game. Party Play and World Level Switching We have heard quite a bit of feedback that players would prefer to tackle the nightmares of Planis with their friends and allies for their first playthroughs of the game. Throughout the FGBT, in order to team up with other Masters of the Book you first had to clear a stage alone in order to unlock the co-op experience for that stage. Our latest changes allow you to team up with others from the start, allowing you to invite friends of any level to join your party and help out on your adventures. As world level differences were somewhat of an issue when trying to party together, we’ve removed the cool time when switching between world levels. That said, you can still only lower your world level by a maximum of 1 level. We’re also opening up both Veda’s Nightmare and Sealed Prisons for party play too, allowing you to bring your friends and guild members along for the ride. Added Button to Change Up Team and Run in Town We recognize that controlling your character in town is different to how it is in combat and that has resulted in a less satisfactory experience for some players. We’ve made it easier for you to express yourself in town with the same transformation functions that you would have during an adventure. We’ve also added the ability to run in town as well. Cutscene Improvements Many players have expressed frustration with the pop up window that appears when you skip a cutscene that offers rewards. We’ve restructured the rewards previously linked to the story cutscenes and incorporated them into dungeon completion rewards and related achievements. We’ve also added a “Do not show warnings again” option for all alerts, streamlining your playthrough and minimizing interruptions. Adding and Expanding Convenience Features 1. Added Hero’s Shoes Many players mentioned the fatigue that comes with item farming. So to help combat that fatigue, we added Hero Shoes. By fusing Adventurer’s Shoes and some gold, you’ll be able to create Hero’s Shoes. Hero’s Shoes allow you to get multiple runs worth of rewards in just one outing. 2. Added the option to adjust your graphics/sound before the game starts or during your adventure We’ve added an Options menu to the title screen where you can adjust graphics and sound settings. You can also use the Options button (exit button) during combat to change the options you need on the go. 3. Improved Party Setup UX We’re making a lot of improvements to the UI and UX of the game. Many players expressed their frustrations with the party settings, so we’re making changes to the UX to make it more intuitive and easier to change and manage your parties. 4. Added Claim All Button to Achievements Menu Certain rewards, including achievements, required you to claim each reward individually. So we added a claim all function to make it quicker to get your rewards, and get back into the action. 5. Added Screenshot Mode For convenience, we’ve added a feature that allows you to take screenshots that hide the UI. 6. Improved Navigation Guides Through Complex Stages Later game stages can have complicated layouts which can make it confusing to navigate. A new footprint effect has been added to all maps, including these complicated ones, to highlight your path to the next objective. 7. Stage Fail Screen Improvements More information has been added to the stage failure screen, which highlights areas where you can improve your team and gather the strength to continue on. 8. Auto-equip Recommended Equipment A new function has been added that will allow you to automatically equip the best gear that you have earned on your adventures, making it a little easier to gear up your characters, and allow you to focus on making them stronger. 9. Battle Alerts On/Off Option There was overwhelming feedback in regards to the repetition of phrases such as “You are not ready” and other notifications during battle, so a new option has been added that will allow you to turn them on or off in the settings. 10. Fixed Confusing Weapon Categories/Names The following names for weapon types or unclear categorization have been fixed as follows to clear up any confusion they may have caused. (Please note that the localization of these weapon categories may be different in the final version.) · 1H Sword & Shield → Sword & Shield · 1H Axe & Shield → Axe & Shield · 1H Club & Shield → Club & Shield · 2H Sword → Sword · 2H Greatsword → Greatsword · 2H Axe → Axe · 2H Club → Club Knights Missions Improvements Knights Missions are the daily quests for ASTRA: Knights of Veda. The initial response to these missions was that the rewards for the missions were all the same, while also being unrewarding. We have therefore increased the value of the rewards offered through the Knights Missions, as well as differentiating the materials offered through different quests. Calydon Dungeon Improvements Calydon Dungeon has also seen improvements. Originally it had a very simple pattern with long spawn times for the monsters to appear. The monsters within the dungeon will now carry the attribute of the region they appear in, and will come in greater numbers at a more consistent pace. We’ve also made them less time consuming and more rewarding to play. What We’re Working on and the Next Developer Update We’re working on all of the above and more. There’s a lot of content in the works, including guilds, gifting, a Knight of Veda birthday system and more. We’re also polishing the Arena and working on adding new modes. Make sure that you check out our next Dev Update, where we’ll be talking about changes to the economy, increased rewards and more! We can’t wait for your adventures to begin. ASTRA: Knights of Veda Development Team
Developer Update Part 1
Masters of the Book! We’re the development team behind ASTRA: Knights of Veda. First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude for the overwhelming support and feedback you provided during the FGBT in October. Your input has been invaluable, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to making ASTRA even better based on your suggestions. Today, we wanted to give you a glimpse into some of the improvements we've been working on, particularly in response to your feedback. While we've made numerous enhancements across combat mechanics, UI, game balance, and more, this update will delve deeper into the specific changes we've made to combat. Stay tuned for future Developer Notes to learn more about other changes! Combat Feel The community’s feedback clearly indicated a desire for faster, more immediate combat. In response, we’ve meticulously tested and refined the attack speed of each Knight of Veda. Significant adjustments have been made to the characters' initial skill action and reaction times, enhancing the overall combat feel. Additionally, in terms of control feel, we are working hard to deliver a much more satisfying combat experience by refining the mechanics of sprinting and dodging. We've enhanced dodging to be more responsive and cover greater distances, while for sprinting we've tweaked it so that you can reach maximum speed more quickly. Tackling Gaming Fatigue Gaming fatigue is a pretty vague term here, but we’re generally talking about many of the elements that make up that draining feeling when you’re playing games. It's a bit of an ambiguous concept with lots of contributing factors, so our team has worked hard to pinpoint and address the things in ASTRA: Knights of Veda that might be wearing you down. 1. Auto-Play for Reduced Stage Fatigue While the fun of manual action is a core aspect of ASTRA: Knights of Veda, we’ve been testing auto-play with a variety of different options to reduce the fatigue of grinding. Even during auto-play, we are closely monitoring the enjoyment derived from using different skills through character changes, combat visuals, and the convenience and joy of easy item farming. 2. Revamping Level Design for a Diverse Combat Experience We are reconfiguring the level design of all stages to provide a diverse combat experience through changes in monster placement and patterns. We’re running a lot of internal tests to make sure that these changes lead to an overall positive experience. 3. Monster AI improvements for More Engaging Battles Monsters that you face on the field now have different traits and AI based on their type. Common undead, as an example, will now come at you in bigger groups, faster and more aggressively than before. Enemies have also been changed to be more intelligent in their combinations, forcing you to think of different strategies. These improvements are not intended to increase the difficulty of different stages, but rather create more interesting fast-paced combat scenarios that are satisfying to overcome. 4. Drastically reduced the overall stage playtime We've effectively halved the time required to complete each stage. This has been achieved by accelerating monster spawns and eliminating less engaging waves, resulting in a more dynamic and robust combat experience. 5. Automatic Item Pickup When defeating monsters, you no longer have to press buttons to pick up the items. While our initial design was a nod to the charm of classic games, feedback from the FGBT highlighted that many players found this aspect more tedious than nostalgic. Now, simply moving over an item will automatically add it to your rewards, enhancing the fluidity of gameplay. However, to maintain strategic gameplay elements, food items that replenish HP will still require manual pickup, allowing you to decide which character benefits from the health boost. 6. Improved Camera Perspective to Reduce Fatigue We’re continuing to test various camera perspectives for the optimal play environment. Notable progress in this area was showcased in the recent G-Star version of the game. Additionally, we’re also working on changes to the staging aspect of signature skills and fine-tuning camera movements to align seamlessly with in-game actions. We're also addressing camera positioning challenges, particularly during combat in map corners, to ensure a consistently smooth and immersive experience. Overflowing Power of Stars Improvements The ‘Overflowing Power of the Stars’ mechanic is an integral part of ASTRA: Knights of Veda. It is being revamped in order to grant players more strategic control by allowing them to decide the perfect moment for activation. This adds a deeper tactical layer to the game. You will still be able to charge the bar based on your hero’s attributes, and now you will be able to use it whenever you feel is best. We did have our concerns that being able to choose the timing may lead to players only using it in optimal situations, such as when a boss is stunned which would over-simplify the combat experience. However, we decided that the benefits of avoiding unintentional and less advantageous activations far outweigh these concerns. And besides that, we’re also enhancing the impact of this climactic moment when the Power of the Stars bursts forth, and improving the presentation to create a more complete effect. Improving Auto-targeting Many of you pointed out instances where the auto-targeting system would inaccurately aim at non-critical objects, missing the intended targets directly in front of the character. In response, we've meticulously adjusted the range and angle of weapons, and have also rectified several bugs identified during our thorough review. We’ve improved this by fine tuning the range and angle of weapons, as well as addressing some of the bugs we discovered while investigating. We’re also working to remove enemy targeting markers that don’t fit with the overall style that we’re aiming for. These changes are geared towards delivering a more intuitive and engaging combat experience. Other Improvements and Release Window In addition to the enhancements we've already shared, our team is working on a ton of features and improvements that we’re not quite ready to show yet. This includes refining the effects across the entire Knights of Veda roster for a more impactful and visually appealing experience, as well as upgrading the UI and UX for better usability. We are committed to delivering a highly polished version of the game. Achieving this level of refinement and addressing all aspects thoroughly will require some more time. However, we are close to finalizing, and it won't be long before the game is in your hands. Discussions with our publishers regarding the release date are ongoing, and we'll share the exact launch date as soon as it's finalized. We're working hard to get it live in the first quarter of next year. Stay tuned for more updates! We can't wait to share more about our progress with the community. Thank you ASTRA: Knights of Veda Dev Team