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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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available from 4/16.
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Weapon Crafting


Weapon Crafting



Certain weapons can be crafted through Gundir in Todburg. In order to begin crafting, talk to Gundir then select the ‘Use the Anvil’ option. This will open up the crafting window. 



In order to craft, you will need to obtain the components required for that particular weapon. These items can be earned in later Adventure Zone Stages, Veda’s Nightmare, as well as rewards from Tower of Trials and other areas of the game. 

Once you have obtained the right amount of composite materials, you can hit craft in the menu. This will require a small amount of gold, and the weapon will take 10 minutes to finish crafting. 



Snippet of Survival Snippet of Protection


As you prepare to craft, you can select one of your Knights of Veda to help you in the crafting process. Certain Knights will provide benefits while crafting, so make sure you check out your Knight list before crafting, and get the most out of your materials.