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Preparing for the Master of the Book's adventure on the continent of Planis.Please wait a moment.
The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
PC launcher will be
available from 4/16.
If you wish to play on PC before then,
please use Google Play Games or Steam.







You can further increase your Master of the Book stats (and therefore, all your Knights of Veda) by improving the level of your Tunic. In order to access your Tunic, head to the Book page, then select the Tunic Tab on the left hand page. Here you will be able to see your Tunic. Clicking on the Tunic will open up the Enhance/Ascension menu, and with the use of Leather and other materials, you will be able to increase your Tunic, further improving your Master of the Book stats. 


Tunic Enhancement


Unlock more power for all your Knights of Veda by Increasing the level of your Tunic. You can increase the level of your Tunic by using the following items as materials. 


Fine Leather

Dragon Hide


Tunic Ascension



At certain levels, you will need to ascend your Tunic in order to continue enhancing it. By using the following items, you will be able to ascend your Tunic, allowing you to reach higher and higher levels. When you ascend your Tunic, not only will the base stats increase, any substats attached to it will also increase.


Bead of Shooting Stars Thread of Fate Sage's Dew


*You’ll need different materials to further ascend your Tunic that is not pictured above.