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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Setting up your Team


Setting up your Team


In ASTRA: Knights of Veda, you are the Master of the Book, and you need to recruit Knights of Veda to fight with you in order to bring peace to the lands of Planis. As you approach the Tree of Death in Gigantfall, you will face stronger foes, meaning both you and your Knights will need to improve your skills, levels and equipment. This guide will talk you through the basics of building and recruiting your Knights of Veda. 

- Equipping Knights

- Removing Knights

- Replacing Knights

- Unlocking more Pages for Preset Teams

- Positions

Equipping Knights

Once obtained, you will need to equip your Knights. To do so, head to the ‘Book’ menu. You should already have Leon, Yanko and Rani equipped, so it’s time to use the new Knight that you have obtained. 

You can equip a Knight of Veda by selecting the Knight on the right hand side and pressing the [Equip] button on the bottom of the right hand page. 


Removing Knights


You can remove Knights from your team by selecting the Knight you want to remove and then clicking the [Remove] button at the bottom.


Replace Knights

You can also replace a Knight by selecting the Knight that you want to replace your current Knight with and then clicking the [Replace] button.


You can switch the position of your Knights by dragging them into their slots. Remember, this will change the order that the Knights appear in battle, so their corresponding number when switching characters may change. 

Remember that the Knight in the first slot will be the default Knight that you walk around as inside Todburg. You can change the Knight you appear as in Todburg by selecting the Knight you want from your team as you would in battle (UI Guide). You can also walk around as the Master of the Book when you're in Todburg. 

Unlocking more Pages for Preset Teams

You can have multiple teams to switch to quickly in the Book menu. Beneath the Knights on the left hand page, you can select which team you would like to switch to. By default, you will only have one available page, and you can spend resources in order to unlock more pages. 


*The images in this guide were captured from a test version and may change with future updates.


Each Knight of Veda fills their own specific position. There are 4 positions currently in ASTRA: Knights of Veda. 

Skills for healers are focussed around healing the rest of the team in battle. They may still have damaging options, but their primary role is to keep your Knights of Veda alive during the fight. 
Examples: Lucian, Nayan


Tanks have skills that keep your team from taking too much damage. Generally, they also have more hit points than other characters, making them a perfect character to switch to in times of need. 

Examples: Leon, Orlik

Supports have a flexible skill set that allows them to provide extra damage against enemies, or produce items that will take aggro over your Knights. 

Examples: Yanko, Sansar

These are your main damage dealers. While their attacks may deal more damage than other classes, they can also be relatively vulnerable to sustained damage. 

Examples: Rani, Liam

It is best to create a balanced team that can adapt to any situation. A well balanced team has more chance of success than a team that is stacked with one specific role.