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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Relics are special items with strong magic. They can improve your Knight’s abilities and make them more powerful in battle.

- How to Obtain
- How to Equip
- How to Level Up







How to Obtain

You can start getting Relics after completing the first chapter of Adventure Mode, and they are obtained primarily through the Veda’s Nightmare dungeon. You can also earn Relic Tickets from the Tower of Trials (random/selection tickets), or certain Relic sets can be purchased from the Wandering Merchant in various Adventure Zones. 


How to Equip

Once you have obtained your first Relics, it is time to equip and work on improving them. There are 5 different slots for Relics. You can only equip one of each type on a character at a time. The slots are as follows:


  • Knight’s Memories
  • Core Beliefs
  • Last Breath
  • Blood Determination
  • Tears of Sadness


To equip a Relic, open the Book, select the character you want to give the Relic to, then select the Relic tab on the right hand page. You can also use the ‘Quick equip’ option to quickly provide your Knight with a relic set. 





All Relics have a starting set of stat boosts, and specific set bonuses that are triggered when you equip Relics that provide the same bonus. For example, equipping 2 pieces of the ‘Laurel of Protection’ Relic set will provide you with a “7.2% Defense bonus”, and equipping the 4 set will grant you the additional effect of “Reduces Stamina Cost for blocking an ATK by 30%”. 


How to Level Up

Leveling up Relics requires other Relics or Relic specific level up materials (Powder/Fragments/Crystal of Memories) to be used as materials, as well as a small amount of gold. Leveling up your Relics adds additional substats, and can also enhance a random substat, depending on the levels reached. 

There are many different types of Relics for you to obtain, so make sure to go for the ones that will best benefit your current team. 


Each tier of relic can be enhanced to a different maximum level. 


Gray Grade: Level 4
Green Grade: Level 8
Blue Grade: Level 12 
Purple Grade: Level 16
Gold Grade: Level 20


The following items can also be used to enhance your Relics. 

Powder of Memories Fragment of Memories Crystal of Memories