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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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The Forgotten Mine


The Forgotten Mine

As you explore Chapter 3, you will obtain a quest that allows you to folllow an Ancient Map in order to find a secret treasure. Following the clues will unlock the Forgotten Mine. 



The Giant Spider within the Forgotten Mine is a fearsome beast, but with the right team, you can take down this monster and unlock vast amounts of Refining and Alchemy Stones! These stones are perfect for a Master of the Book looking to get the most out of their Weapons and Accessories. 

You will need to break through the spiders stone wall defenses in order to weaken it, and once weakened, damage built up will cause Alchemy and Refining Stones to drop from the rocky exterior of the Spider. 



After a certain amount of time, the Spider will flee the battle, so make sure you deal as much damage as you possibly can before it runs off! Completing this dungeon will not cost shoes, and will refresh periodically.