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Preparing for the Master of the Book's adventure on the continent of Planis.Please wait a moment.
The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
PC launcher will be
available from 4/16.
If you wish to play on PC before then,
please use Google Play Games or Steam.


Knight Enhancement Materials


Leveling Up 

The following items are required to level up your Knights.


Wanderer’s Record Adventurer's Record Hero's Record


Knight Ascension

The following items are required for ascending your Knights.


Insignia of Victory Insignia of Truth Goddess's Insignia


Skill Upgrade Materials

The following items are an example of items that are required to enhance your Knight's skill levels. These items are for the 'Dealer' (DPS) type characters, and a different set of potions are required for each of the roles. 
*Not all items are listed. Each position will require different potions so make sure to check which materials your Knights need.


Potion of Warning Potion of Flexibility Potion of Awakening