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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Power of the Stars


Power of the Stars

- Eight Powers of a Star

- Power of the Stars Attribute Affinity Chart

- Active Resistance

- Accrued Power of the Stars

- Overflowing Power of the Stars


Eight Powers of a Star

Each Knight of Veda is blessed with the Power of a Star, granting them a certain affinity with a particular Star Power. There are 8 types of Star Power:

Fire Poison
Water Light
Electric Blood
Earth Darkness


Power of the Stars Attribute Affinity Chart

All enemies in ASTRA: Knights of Veda belong to at least one of these star types, and will either deal extra damage or receive extra damage from other star types. You can check the star type bonuses in the chart below. 

Active Resistance

It is wise to diversify your attributes in a party. Too much damage from one particular star type can cause an enemy to gain an active resistance to it. For example, attacking an Earth type enemy with a Poison type knight will eventually trigger a poison resistance. Once this happens, a poison colored bubble will appear around the enemy, and an indicator with the poison attribute icon will appear on the enemy. Pay close attention to the icon as it will display how long the active resistance will remain. 

In our example, poison attribute damage dealt to the enemy will be reflected back towards the Knight. If you put down a skill that provides continuous type damage in an area (Cappechi’s Signature Skill, which generates a small poison field for example) on an enemy that has poison resistance, then switch to a non-poison type Knight, the Knight on the field will still take reflected damage.  

You can also gain active resistance if you take too much damage from a particular enemy. 

When this resistance occurs, the enemy's defensive type temporarily changes to that attribute type. In order to deal the most damage, choose a Power of the Stars type that has an advantage over it to deal more damage. This means in the example above, switching to a Fire type knight will allow you to deal the most damage. 


Accrued Power of The Stars

As you deal damage of a particular attribute type in battle, a gauge at the top center of the screen will begin to fill up. This is your Accrued Power of the Stars. 

The color within the bar is representative of an attribute color. For example, a green bar would mean that poison damage has been dealt, while an orange bar means that fire damage has been dealt. 

This bar will allow you to see the % of damage dealt, and you can easily work out which damage type has dealt the most damage, as it will fill the highest percentage of the bar, which is important for the Overflowing Power of the Stars system. The attribute that caused the most damage is shown in the center of the bar.


Overflowing Power of the Stars

When the Accrued Power of the Stars bar is full, you will be able to unleash the Overflowing Power of the Stars. You can then trigger the Power of the Star that filled the bar the most by pressing [R]. This will give characters of that type a window where they can use skills, and signature skills, rapidly in quick succession. This will give you a window of time where your damage output will spike, so make the most of it while it is available.

In your party, if the character that accrued the most damage dies, and there are no other characters of that type in your party, the Accrued Power of the Stars will not disappear, but will switch to the next attribute with the most damage.