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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Sealed Prison


Sealed Prisons

Sealed Prisons appear across the world of Planis, and will unlock as your progress through the story. Each of these prisons contain one, near immortal being with immense power and strength. Only the Master of the Book and their Knights of Veda can overcome the impossible odds and vanquish these foes.


How to Enter

To enter a Sealed Prison, you need to have first completed the associated quests which will appear as a World Quest. Once the conditions to unseal the Prisons have been met, you should be able to find them on the world map. There is one in each chapter, so you will have to unseal each one separately as you progress through the game.



Rewards & Conditions

First clear for the Sealed Prison will not cost any Shoes. Subsequent entries for Sealed Prisons require a large number of Shoes in order to obtain the rewards. The rewards for completing the Sealed Prison include Gold and Accessories. 

Each Sealed Prison has their own unique stage hazards, so be prepared for anything as you descend down into the darkness.