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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Creating and Joining Guilds

Guilds are where you and your allies can join together, complete tasks, and gain great rewards for doing so.

- Create Guild

- Guild Management

- Join a Guild

- Guild Contribution


To join a Guild, first head to Lionel Liongray, who sits in Eleonora’s tavern. Select the ‘Take a look at the Guild’ option, and you will be presented with the following menu. 



From here, you can create your own Guild, or join another guild.

Create Guild


To create a guild, you need to pay a small amount of Gold. You must select a name, and create a guild emblem to best represent your guild. Your Guild emblem will become the flag that your guild mates will rally to, so make sure you create the best emblem for you.


Once you have settled on your emblem and name, hit the ‘Create Guild’ button to finalize your decision. If you want to change your Guild Emblem, you can, but it costs 100 Rubies to do so. 




Guild Management

As a guild Leader, you will have access to the Guild Management screen. Here you can make modifications to your guild, such as level requirements, language settings etc. You will also be able to change the notification and introduction to your guild through this option. 



If you wish to disband your Guild, you will need to make sure that there are no Guild Members in the guild, then head to the ‘Disband’ window. Type in the verification phrase, and then your guild will cease to exist. 


Join a Guild

Selecting the ‘Join Guild’ option will present you with a window where currently active guilds will be displayed. From here, you find a guild to join, check out which guilds have invited you to join, and even the progress of any applications that you have made. 


If you know the guild that you would like to join, you can also search for it in the search bar at the top of the window. 

Guild Contribution

As part of a Guild, you and your Guild Mates will begin collecting Guild Contribution every time you consume shoes. The amount of Guild Contribution earned is directly tied to the amount of shoes consumed, which means there is no discernable difference in completing Nightmare or Adventure Modes for the purposes of gaining Guild Contribution. Hero's Shoes will also give you proportional Guild Contribution when used to clear a stage. 


To gain even more Guild Contribution, team up with fellow Guild Members, which will give you bonus Guild Contribution.


As you gain Guild Contribution, you and your Guild Mates will fill up the a progress bar that is visible on the main Guild Screen. As this bar progresses, you will be able to collect a variety of rewards, including Guild Medals, which can be spent at the Guild Store to buy an even wider range of items. Your Guild Contribution progress will reset every Monday at 06:00 AM UTC/ Sunday 11PM PT