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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Temporarily Boost Stats with Food

Cooking in the game allows you to temporarily boost your Knights' stats (depending on the position) before you go into a difficult fight.


Although we talked about consuming food dropped in stages, that is not the only food that the Master of the Book can eat. Dishes are a consumable item that can be cooked through certain NPCs, and will provide you with a buff that will last for one stage/dungeon. 


Cooking Dishes

You can craft dishes through Elenora, the Tavern owner next to the Master of the Book’s room, or through Lillian, the Cooking Store Owner in Todburg. In order to start cooking, select the ‘Cook it Yourself’ option from the dialog window which will present you with the following window. 


Select the recipe you want to cook, select which character should be cooking, and then hit [Craft]. This will consume the materials, as well as a small amount of gold. You will then receive your dish, which can be consumed before entering a stage.

There is a chance, while cooking, that you will create an enhanced version of a dish, which provides a stronger effect than the basic recipe. Selecting certain characters to cook with you can improve the chances of obtaining a special dish. 

Each character has their own speciality. While some may be better suited for other types of crafting, certain characters will help boost your dish making prowess through various means.


Obtaining Recipes

Recipes can be earned through several methods. They may be granted by completing certain quests, or by purchasing them with gold from Lillian, the cooking vendor in Todburg. When you obtain a recipe, you will need to use it in order to learn how to make that recipe. 

To use a recipe, head to your Inventory> Sundries tab and ‘use’ the recipe. Once you have activated the recipe, it will now appear when you try to cook next time!


Using Dishes

Dishes can be consumed directly through the inventory tab, or through the ready window before entering a stage. You can only have one active dish at a time, and the last consumed dish will take priority.

Once you are loaded into a stage, you will not be able to consume a dish. Leaving a stage by either completing it or completing the stage will remove the buff provided by the dish.