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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Attack Basics


Attack Basics

- Basic Attack

- Strong Attack

- Normal Skill (Knight's Power)

- Signature Skill

- Auto Battle

- Stamina

In order to perform an attack or skill, you need to press the corresponding key. 
Note: We will be using the Movement WASD + Attack Key control system for this guide.

Basic Attack
You can perform a basic attack by pressing the attack button [J].

Strong Attack


A strong attack can be performed by pressing and holding down the attack button [J]. Using a strong attack consumes stamina, which replenishes over time and is indicated by the circle underneath the character. For characters with a shield, this also has the opportunity to block incoming damage. Please check a character's Strong Attack skill description for more information. 

Normal Skill (Knight's Power)

The Knight of Veda’s Normal Skill can be used by pressing [K]. Unlike basic attacks, skills have a cooldown which means you cannot use the skill again until the cooldown has completed. Skills generally have their own unique effect, such as healing your party, providing defensive effects or dealing a huge amount of damage. 

Signature Skill

A Knight of Veda’s signature skill is one of their most useful tools. This skill not only has a cooldown, it also consumes Veda’s Energy. Veda’s Energy charges while attacking enemies or using a skill. Veda’s Energy will also charge when taking damage from enemy attacks.

Auto Battle


Autoplay is available by pressing [V]. Autoplay will remain active until you turn it off by pressing [V] again. While autoplay is active, your Knights will fight through the stage, picking up loot and eating food along the way. They will also be able to activate skills. 


In order to finish the stage, you will need to interact with the Veda’s Return at the end of the stage. 

Autoplay cannot switch between characters, so care must be taken to ensure that your team survives through the stage.


Performing certain actions such as sprinting, dodging, and Strong Attacks require stamina. Stamina will recover over time when a character is not consuming it for a short duration.