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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Reward Decree


Reward Decree


The Reward Decree is a system where you can complete quests in order to obtain extra rewards. Once unlocked, you will be able to see Daily, Weekly and Seasonal missions, that will give you experience required to progress the reward pass. 


* Image is taken from a test server, and rewards may vary on launch. 


- Daily Missions: These missions refresh daily at 06:00 AM UTC. Any missions not completed before the refresh will be lost. 

- Weekly Missions: These missions refresh every Monday at 06:00 AM UTC. Any missions not completed before the refresh will be lost. 

- Seasonal Missions: These missions refresh when a Season ends and a new one begins. 


There are two reward tracks that can be progressed through to obtain rewards. The reward tracks are cleared based on the amount of Reward Decree Points you have earned from your quests.

- The Todburg Reward Decree is available to all players once the Reward Decree is unlocked, and will provide free rewards for each level progressed. 

- The Neejarem Decree is available to those who purchase the Neejarem Reward Decree. This offers an extra set of rewards that can be obtained at the same time as collecting the rewards from the Todburg Reward Decree. 


You can increase your current level by spending Starstones to progress you through the Reward Decree levels. When using this function, it will notify you of the amount of Starstones required to progress through the levels, while also showing you what rewards you will obtain. 

Once you have completed the Reward Decree, any extra Reward Decree EXP you earn will accrue Gold, that you will be able to obtain at the end of the season.