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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Gem Fusing


Gem Fusing


Once you have unlocked Gem Crafting, you will also be able to access the ‘Fuse’ menu through Elita. While crafting Gems, you may find that there are gems with stats you are not interested in, or you create gems to reach certain mission objectives. If you’re sure that you no longer need the gem, you can fuse them together to create a new gem. 


To begin the process, you will need 3 of the same grade of gems. For example, 3 green grade gems will create a new green grade gem. When adding gems to the fuse menu, you can select gems of any shape, as long as they all have the same grade. When fusing, the result is randomized, and there is a low chance that the gem will be of a higher grade than its component gems.