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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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available from 4/16.
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Ascending your Knights


Knight Ascension


You will need to Ascend your Knight in order to break through their current maximum level. Ascending your Knight requires various different materials, depending on the Ascension level your Knight is currently at. These materials can be earned through Adventure Mode (when fighting the final boss of a chapter), or purchased from vendors in Todburg.



Ascend your Knight with the following items.

of Victory
of Truth




Once ascended, you will be able to continue leveling your character up with Records. As your character ascends higher, you may also need role specific materials in order to break through their current max limits. Once you reach this point, you can press the item on the book page to find out where specific items can be found, or use the Adventure Guide to check all stages which feature ascension materials.