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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Gem Crafting


Gem Crafting



Once a weapon has a gem socket, it is time to create a Gem. In order to create a Gem, you need to talk to Elita Fontaine, who is right next to her grandfather Vito. 
Once in this menu, you can craft a Gem of your choosing. Gem crafting materials become available upon reaching Adventure Level 2
The following materials are required to craft Gems. (Please note that the necessary Gem Recipes and Gem Materials will differ based on the attribute and grade of the Gem.)


Gem Recipe
Obtained at a set chance when
defeating Apostles in
Adventure Level 2 and above.
Gem Material
Obtained at a set chance when
defeating intruding mutants at
Adventure Level 2 and above.


As long as you have the materials required, you can craft the Gem shape of your choice. 

If you find that you have left over Gems, or Gems that you no longer need for your Knights, you can fuse them together in the Fuse Gems option. All Gems added to the fuse option must be of the same rank. Through this process, you will acquire a Gem of the same quality, or one with a quality that is higher than the ingredients. If you fuse together 3 maximum rank Gems together, you will obtain a Gem of the same rank.