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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Ascending your Weapons and Accessories



Once you have hit the max level of enhancement on a piece of equipment, you need to ascend it to break through its current maximum level. You will need special materials to ascend your equipment to make them stronger. These materials can be found across the world of Planis, and can also be purchased from the weapon vendor in Todburg. Each type of weapon and accessory has its own unique ascension material, so be sure to check what you need before hunting them down. 


Weapon Ascension

Ascending a weapon allows you to increase the maximum level that the item can reach. It will also increase the base stats of the weapon, making it stronger. 

You can Ascend your weapons with the following items. 

Chainmail Fragment

Unfinished Blade

Nuada Iron Ore


Accessory Ascension

You can also Ascend your accessories. Doing so will improve not only the base stats of the item, but if the item is a certain grade, it will also increase the effectiveness of any extra stats that the Accessory has.



Ascend your accessories with the following items. 

Starburst Iron Ore

Accessory Frame of Ness

Accessory Frame of Tragedy