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Special Login Rewards to Celebrate 1.5 Million Downloads Worldwide



Masters of the Book,


Thanks to your support, we have achieved 1.5 million global downloads!

We are deeply grateful for the love and interest you have shown in ASTRA: Knights of Veda.


To celebrate 1.5 million downloads worldwide, we have prepared special login rewards for the Masters of the Book!


Starting from 4/4 (Thu), if you log in to the game within the times specified below, a special gift will be sent directly to your mailbox.

Don't miss the opportunity to receive a reward once a day, for a total of 4 times during the event period.




■ Reward Details

Upon Login


April 4 05:00 AM - April 5 07:59 PM PDT
April 4 12:00 PM - April 5 03:00 PM UTC

Steps of a Journey x1

April 4 08:00 AM - April 5 07:59 PM PDT

April 4 15:00 - April 6 03:00 UTC

Hero’s Shoes x1

April 5 08:00 AM - April 6 07:59 PM PDT

April 5 15:00 - April 7 03:00 UTC

Crystal of Fate x5

April 6 08:00 AM - April 7 07:59 PM PDT

April 6 15:00 - April 8 03:00 UTC

Crystal of Fate x5


■ Notes

- In order to obtain these rewards, you must login during the periods listed. 

- Items will be sent to your mail, and will expire 7 days after you receive the mail. Please make sure to collect the items before they expire. 

- For more detailed information regarding our event processes, please refer to the <Event Policy>.




We are committed to striving for excellence and ensuring a brighter future for the Masters of the Book.


Thank you!