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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Knights of Veda Journey in Memory Event



Masters of the Book,


Embark on a journey beyond the realms of fantasy with ASTRA: Knights of Veda.


Delve into the “Journey in Memory" event and engage in thrilling battles on specially designed stages. Team up with the valiant Knights of Veda as trial characters and seize the chance to earn a plethora of rewards.




■ Event Period

 - April 2, 2024 01:00 (UTC) - until the regular maintenance on April 25, 2024.

 - April 1, 2024 06:00 PM (PT) - until the regular maintenance on April 24, 2024.


■ Event Details

 - Unlock the adventure by completing Chapter 1, Stage 2, and then join through the "Guidance of the Book" event tab.


■ Event Highlights

 - Trial characters come with predetermined levels, gear, and artifacts, ensuring a seamless battle experience.

 - The composition of your party and the equipment or artifacts of your characters are set for the trial stages and cannot be altered.

 - Replay the trial stages as many times as you like. However, trial stage rewards can only be claimed once.

 - Certain features will be restricted during the trial stages.


■ Participation Rewards

Knights of Veda Trial

Stage Clear Bonus


Starstones x30

Wanderer’s Record x6

Insignia of Victory x2


3000 Gold

Wanderer’s Record x3

Insignia of Victory x1


3000 Gold

Wanderer’s Record x3

Insignia of Victory x1


3000 Gold

Wanderer’s Record x3

Insignia of Victory x1


■ Notes

- After clearing the stage, you must click the [Claim Reward] button to receive the rewards.

- The rewards received will be directly credited to your in-game inventory.

- Rewards not claimed within the event period will be lost.

- For more detailed event precautions, refer to the <Event Policy>




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