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The ASTRA: Knights of Veda
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Issue Being Unable to Clear Adventure Stage 7-4 (Fixed 4/02 07:50 AM)



Masters of the Book,


The issue with being unable to clear adventure stage 7-4 has been resolved on 4/02 07:50 AM PDT. 




We have identified an issue where clearing the 7-4 adventure stage is currently not possible and are in the process of determining the cause.



1. Issue where clearing the 7-4 adventure stage is impossible

- After the battle in the 7-4 adventure stage, the cutscene proceeds but does not complete, and the clear rewards cannot be obtained.

- We are currently identifying the cause and will do our utmost to quickly correct this error, as it hampers progress in the adventure.




We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused in your gaming experience. We are committed to making every effort to enhance your enjoyment of the game.


Thank you.