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PCxMobile Cross-Platform Event (Updated: 04/24 12:36 AM PDT)



Masters of the Book,


Before the event that has been ongoing since April 2nd concludes, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who has been enjoying "ASTRA: Knights of Veda".

Originally, we planned to distribute 1,600 Starstones only to players who accessed both PC and mobile platforms. However, inspired by your engagement, we’ve decided to gift these Starstones to a broader audience.


■ Starstone Distribution Details

- Eligibility: All users who have completed creating an in-game nickname by April 25, before the scheduled maintenance.

- Collection Method: After the maintenance on April 25, Starstones can be collected via the in-game mailbox.

- Collection Period: From post-maintenance on April 25 until 11:59 PM on April 28 07:59 AM PDT/02:59 PM UTC


■ Important Notes

- Starstones will be credited to users who have completed their in-game nickname setup.

- You must have logged into the game to qualify for the event.

- Rewards will be sent to the 'Important Mailbox' after April 25 maintenance.

- Mail rewards are valid for 7 days; please collect them within this timeframe.

- Event details may change, and any updates will be communicated through official announcements.

- Recovery is not possible if rewards have been used within the game.

- Additional event details are governed by the <Event Policy>.


Thank you for your continued support and participation.

[4/2 Original Announcement (Including Changes Made on 4/9)]


Masters of the Book! 


Looking for more Starstones? Want to continue your adventures wherever you adventure? Play ASTRA: Knights of Veda on both mobile and PC, and you’ll earn up to 1600 Starstones.


Refer to the details below to find out more. 


■ Event Period

 - April 2, 2024 01:00 (UTC) - until the regular maintenance on April 25, 2024.

 - April 1, 2024 06:00 PM (PT) - until the regular maintenance on April 24, 2024.


■ Event Details

- During the event, log in once with an account that has completed the nickname creation in ‘ASTRA: Knights of Veda’ on PC to fulfill the PC Platform objective of the event. 

- During the event, log in once with an account that has completed the nickname creation in ‘ASTRA: Knights of Veda’ on Mobile to fulfill the Mobile Platform objective of the event. 

- Get up to 1,600 Starstones by using the same account on both PC and Mobile. 

Event Category



PC Platform

Play once on PC (after creating a nickname) 

Starstone x800

Mobile Platform

Play once on Mobile (after creating a nickname) 

Starstone x800


Platform Clarification



Google Play PC / Steam / Stand-alone PC client (opens April 16)




■ Reward Distribution Event

- Delivery of the rewards for this event may vary based on your first confirmed login on each platform. Please refer to the schedule below. 

(Added) The reward distribution timing for the weekly cross-platform event, originally scheduled on a weekly basis, will be changed to a single distribution on 4/25 (see the table below). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working hard towards providing better service to all of our Masters of the Book.

Reward Distribution

Eligibility Criteria

Rewards will be sent


Users who logged into the game before the 4/11 regular maintenance.

After the 4/11 regular maintenance


Users who logged into the game before the 4/18 regular maintenance, but did not receive rewards during the first distribution.

After the 4/18 regular maintenance

(Updated) 1st-3rd

(Updated) Users who logged into the game before the 4/25 regular maintenance

After the 4/25 regular maintenance


■ Notes

 - If you sign up to ASTRA: Knights of Veda for the first time on Steam, you will need to link an external account for cross-platform play. Please connect a supported external account through the "Account Center Page (Link)" to link an account with a mobile platform. (Added: 04/03 18:40 PM PDT, 4/4 1:40 AM UTC)

   · When linking an external account, only accounts that have no ASTRA:Knights of Veda game data can be used.

 - To use a mobile platform account on Steam, please select "Start with an Existing Account" from the account selection screen when you run the game on Steam for the first time.

   · When you log in as "Start with a new account" a new Steam Account will be created, so it is not possible to link with a previous mobile account.

   · When you log in with  "Start with an Existing Account" the existing mobile account will be linked to the Steam account, so please not that new sign-ups on Steam are not possible.

- Rewards will be distributed to players who have completed the nickname creation in-game after creating an account. 

- Rewards for participating in the PC Platform and Mobile Platform objectives can only be received once per account. 

- To receive both sets of rewards, you must login and play on both mobile and PC platforms on the same account. 

(ex1. If you play with account A on Android, and account B on steam, each account will receive 800 Starstones.)

(ex2. If you play with account A on both Android and Steam, account A will receive 1,600 Starstones). 

- Event rewards will be sent to your mail after the regular maintenance. 

- The validity of items in your mailbox is 7 days, so make sure to claim them before they expire. 

- Event period is subject to change, and any changes will be announced in this notice.  

- Once rewards have been used in-game, they cannot be recovered. 

- For more detailed information regarding our event processes, please refer to the <Event Policy>.




Thank you!